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Upcoming Events

March 13th-24th Necessity drive (DECA)
Donate necessities such as disinfectant, bar of soap, washcloths, disposable razors, lotion to the student store during lunch. A box will be near the front of the store. 

March 15th Employment Fair (1st-3rd periods)

Help setup and run the employment fair during the first two to three periods of the day. There will be miscellaneous jobs available. Volunteers really needed!! All helpers will be excused from class 

Sign-up Link: 

March 20th-24th Thirst project coin drive
Bring in your donations!! We are hosting a fundraiser! We are collecting donations during lunch this week. We will have three collection jars each one corresponding to a different teacher! The jar with the most money will correspond to the teacher that gets pied in the face at the next pep assembly. Your potential candidates are Mr. Leifson, Ms. O’Brian, and Mr. Morrison.  

March 20th-24th Be on the lookout for the day where we will paint our book houses

We have 2-3 book houses which will be finished and ready for the club to paint for any and all interested. BE ON LOOKOUT 

 Interest link: 

March 24th Homeroom Club meeting

Oh yeah!! We’re jumping on the band wagon, you bet we’re hosting a homeroom meeting. For all those Sleepy snoozers this is the meeting for you! Ofc there’s going to be food! Ofc, it’ll count towards community service hour, Ofc we will have some exciting volunteer activities to announce! Show up! This is our best chance to break the meeting attendance record, bring your friends.  

March 28th Reading night @ Edgerton 

Finishing off our literacy campaign we will be heading over to Edgerton Elementary to assist with the reading night, we will have books to hand out, and we will unveil the completed book houses! Great opportunity to volunteer with little humans!  

March 31st-April 1st DCON 

If you know you know, get ready for a fun weekend  

April 1st Daffodil Parade  

It might rain. Then again it might not. Either way we want you to come volunteer at the daffodil parade! There will be pizza and you will be helping direct parade floats to their position, at the start of the parade. Start time will be around noon, and end time will be around 4, feel free to come when you can if you cannot make it for a full shift.  

Sign-up link: 

!!Be on the lookout!! For added meetings and activities including a DCON Info meeting!  

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