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About ERHS Key Club

Our community Service Club is a Student-led volunteer group that aims to provide unique and plentiful engaging opportunities for students at Emerald Ridge. Through Key Club And Interact, we connect with local leaders to make a positive impact on the community. Key Club has been apart of Emerald Ridge since its opening, with more and more members joining every year. We have several different activities every month as well as monthly meetings. We have the wonderful Mrs. McMulan advising and helping to plan events with our dedicated officers who you can read more about in the "Our Officers" tab. 


Why Key Club Is for you?

Key club is a great place to meet new people in the school, and in community. This club is a great way to make friends, accumulate volunteer hours and have fun. li'l secret: we usually have food at our meetings ;)


What is Key Club International?

Emerald Ridge is a combination of Kiwanis and our local Rotary. Kiwanis is a international service that was founded in May 7, 1925. As of 2022 it is boasting around 245,000 member spread out over 5,000 schools. All of the clubs are unique in their own way but all have the same goal of helping their local community.

Ferruci 9th graders!! 

We see you!! We know you’re there!! We want you!!  

What’s up guys!! We are super excited to have our first ever 9th graders join our club. You mean the world to us and we are grateful that you have decided to join us. Key club looks great on your future scholarship and college applications, starting in 9th grade gives you an extra head start on the competition! We have worked to develop a culture of leadership, service, and fun! With an extensive list of varied activities, we offer all kinds of service opportunities unique to the club due to our extensive community connections that is difficult to find elsewhere.  

By joining Key club, you are not committing to every event, we do not expect our members to come to everything nor should it be a big-time commitment. We simply offer membership to take advantage of the perks of being an official member such as the induction ceremony at the end of the year. (Also, only paid dues members may put key club on their applications) You do not have to be an official member to attend our service events and we even encourage our members to bring friends! 

We understand that being a 9th grader at the junior highs presents a unique challenge in that you are unable to attend our meetings, but all of our info can be found on Schoology and our Instagram, as well as we are working to have monthly flyers/ visits before school at the junior highs. We hope that this does not discourage you from joining as all of our service events are outside of school hours and are easy to attend.  

  We appreciate you, and our so glad to have you join our club, as we continue to have fun and make an impact on the community.   

Sincerely, Your Key/Interact Club officers. 

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